How to Battle Start-up Spikes

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Depending on how your rate is structured, peak demand charges can represent up to 30% of your utility bill.

Enel X’s energy intelligence software includes a powerful tool called Energy Profiling that helps you identify when your peak demand charges are being incurred. For many organizations, start up spikes are the culprit. Like all peak demand management strategies, you first need to understand how you’re billed for electricity. If you’re not exposed to demand charges, there’s no harm in incurring big spikes; but if you are, with a staged start-up, you could save big – even if ultimately you’re using more kilowatt hours of electricity.

This guide outlines step-by-step instructions for leveraging Profiling to identify whether or not you have a start-up spike issue at your facility. The screen shots are a real customer example (in this case, a commercial office property) anonymized for the purpose of this instructional guide.

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